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nanoLAB: an ultraportable, handheld diagnostic laboratory for global health.

TitlenanoLAB: an ultraportable, handheld diagnostic laboratory for global health.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGaster RS, Hall DA, Wang SX
JournalLab Chip
Date Published2011 Mar 7
KeywordsBiosensing Techniques, Clinical Laboratory Techniques, Developing Countries, Health, HIV Core Protein p24, Immunoassay, Internationality, Magnetics, Nanotechnology, Viruses

Driven by scientific progress and economic stimulus, medical diagnostics will move to a stage in which straightforward medical diagnoses are independent of physician visits and large centralized laboratories. The future of basic diagnostic medicine will lie in the hands of private individuals. We have taken significant strides towards achieving this goal by developing an autoassembly assay for disease biomarker detection which obviates the need for washing steps and is run on a handheld sensing platform. By coupling magnetic nanotechnology with an array of magnetically responsive nanosensors, we demonstrate a rapid, multiplex immunoassay that eliminates the need for trained technicians to run molecular diagnostic tests. Furthermore, the platform is battery-powered and ultraportable, allowing the assay to be run anywhere in the world by any individual.

Alternate JournalLab Chip
PubMed ID21264375
Grant List1U54CA119367 / CA / NCI NIH HHS / United States