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Dr. Sam Gambhir, pioneer in molecular imaging and early detection of cancer, and long-time collaborator of the Wang Group, passed away at 57 on July 18, 2020

We will not meet another visionary leader who works and dedicates his life to science like Sam in our lifetimes.  But, we will continue his work, even just a fraction of it, and we promise our work will honor his memory.  Indeed, Dr. Gambhir’s legacy will live on forever.

Dana Cortade recipient of a Community Impact Award!!

Congratulations to Dana Cortade for being selected as one of the winners of the 2020 Community Impact Award at the University!

The Stanford Alumni Association recognizes graduate students who have enhanced the Stanford community through their exemplary leadership of a student organization, creation of an event or program, or other unique campus contribution. These outstanding students have fostered a sense of belonging and inspired enthusiasm among fellow grad students.

Prof. Dr. Nian Xiang Sun elected recipient of a Humboldt Research Award !

Prof. Dr. Nian Xiang Sun,  of the Northeastern University, Boston, has been elected the recipient of a Humboldt Research Award.  This award is conferred in recognition of the award winner’s entire academic record to date. In addition, award winners are invited to carry out research projects of their own choice in cooperation with specialist colleagues in Germany, thereby the international scientific cooperation will be further promoted.

Wang group alum, Prof. Nian X. Sun is named an IEEE Fellow!

Great news from our alum, Prof. Nian X. Sun at Northeastern University, who is among the newly elected IEEE Fellows for Year 2020!  This is a great professional achievement on Nian’s part. Well done, Nian, hearty congratulations from all of us!!  We look forward to hearing more great news in a fantastic new year and beyond!

Nian-Xiang Sun 2020 IEEE FELLOW

Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, January 2020 : Nian-Xiang Sun , from Boston, MA, United States, has been named an IEEE Fellow, being recognized: