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Portable, one-step, and rapid GMR biosensor platform with smartphone interface.

TitlePortable, one-step, and rapid GMR biosensor platform with smartphone interface.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsChoi J, Gani AWijaya, Bechstein DJB, Lee J-R, Utz PJ, Wang SX
JournalBiosens Bioelectron
Date Published2016 Apr 19

Quantitative immunoassay tests in clinical laboratories require trained technicians, take hours to complete with multiple steps, and the instruments used are generally immobile-patient samples have to be sent in to the labs for analysis. This prevents quantitative immunoassay tests to be performed outside laboratory settings. A portable, quantitative immunoassay device will be valuable in rural and resource-limited areas, where access to healthcare is scarce or far away. We have invented Eigen Diagnosis Platform (EDP), a portable quantitative immunoassay platform based on Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) biosensor technology. The platform does not require a trained technician to operate, and only requires one-step user involvement. It displays quantitative results in less than 15min after sample insertion, and each test costs less than US$4. The GMR biosensor employed in EDP is capable of detecting multiple biomarkers in one test, enabling a wide array of immune diagnostics to be performed simultaneously. In this paper, we describe the design of EDP, and demonstrate its capability. Multiplexed assay of human immunoglobulin G and M (IgG and IgM) antibodies with EDP achieves sensitivities down to 0.07 and 0.33 nanomolar, respectively. The platform will allow lab testing to be performed in remote areas, and open up applications of immunoassay testing in other non-clinical settings, such as home, school, and office.

Alternate JournalBiosens Bioelectron
PubMed ID27148826